Physical & Mental Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy
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~Calm Sensations~
Increases the immune system
Reduces Stress
Enhances lymph and blood circulation
Decreases pain
Improves sleep
Reduces swelling
Enhances relaxation
Increases oxygen level in the blood
Increases hyperemia (dilation of the blood vessels)
Reduces ischemia
Reduces blood pressure temporarily
Decreases heart rate
Decreases respiration
Increases restricted range of motion
Improves appearance of skin
Releases endorphins (natural pain killers)
Stretches & broadens tissue
Helps nerve entrapment
Decreases gas build up
Helps remove metabolic waste build up
Helps constipation
Increased awareness of mind-body connection
Helps digestion
Enhances self image
Greater ease of emotional expression
Satisfies the need for caring & nurturing touch
Increased capacity for clearer thinking
Temporarily alters the shape of cellulite
Helps keep muscles flexible
Helps posture
Loosens phlegm
Helps reduce chance of U.T.I
Helps most headaches
Helps over-use injuries
Helps strains & sprains
And many, many more!!

Massage is the art of touch that has deep and profound healing powers for the mind, body and spirit!!

We instinctively reach out to massage, rub or touch a part of our body that is painful.  We instinctively stroke our temples and forehead to
soothe a headache, rub our necks to ease tension, massage our abdomen when we have overeaten and feel bloated, and gently touch or kiss a
child’s boo-boo to make it feel better.

The importance of touch as an avenue for healing of both the body and the mind should not be underestimated. Touch is one of our most
important senses, and a powerful and highly sensitive form of communication.  Our skin is by far the largest sensory organ. It is the receptor
that sends messages to our mind about the external environment. According to Dr Candace Pert, cited in Clare Maxwell-Hudson’s book,
Massage, The Definitive Visual Reference, “Old patterns of emotions are stored in nerve cells of the spinal cord and other parts of the nervous
system”. Touch assists by activating these areas and, therefore, affects the mind through an induced state of relaxation.

The history of massage dates back to 3000 BC,  this is when the Chinese wrote the oldest known book about massage named "Cong-Fu of the
Toa-tse."  In 460-380 BC Hippocrates stated: "hard rubbing binds...much rubbing causes parts to waste....and moderated rubbing makes them
grow."  In recent years the Touch Research Institute was created in 1991 and shortly after in 1992 came the National Certification.  To learn the
long history and important dates of massage and body work therapy please visit